Welcome to Shetland Heatwise

We are a small non-profit distributing business established in August 1992 to provide practical energy saving services in Shetland. There is no better place to start reducing the carbon footprint and your domestic bills than in the home. A few simple cost effective changes can reduce the amount of energy you use heating your home and water.


"Many thanks for a difficult access job well done "
Davy Anderson
"A big thank you to the three guys that were polite and helpful at all times while the job was being done. I had forgotten that such great customer service still existed. I would and will recommend your service."
Keith Anderson
"You deliver such a friendly and efficient service all round. You have really helped us out. We are sure we can feel the difference in the house already "
"We have really noticed a big difference in the temperature of the house, rooms heat up much quicker and stay warm a lot longer, which is just what we wanted! Its a great result, and I think it made the difference between us staying here in Shetland or returning south. All of your staff were fantastic. Each and every one was a delight to have around the house, and were all very organised and tidy workers. I cant speak highly enough of your company and the work undertaken. We are absolutely delighted with everything you have done for us "
L Thomson & J Nangle
"Many thanks for the excellent work - its made an immediate difference to the warmth of the house "
Mrs G Williams
"Have told friends how pleased I am with the result "
Jessie Ross
"The quality of your work was excellent. The energy we are now saving is very worth while, whilst making the house so much warmer "
R C Hussey
"The boys did a great job and we are feeling the benefit of the insulation "
R Kelly
"Great job - many thanks "
Linda Robertson
"We had what was best described as a cold ankle house, now there is no draught around the floor even during a gale "
J Williamson
"We would like to place on record our thanks and appreciation for the high level of customer service and professionalism "
Mr & Mrs Haycock
"Thank you very much for all the hard work - my house is toasty warm now "
Lisa Johnson
"Please thank all the guys for their efforts. It cant have been very pleasant in that loft!"
Kenny Nicolson
"Impressed by efficiency and cheerful co-operation of all staff involved. Service much appreciated. Still have some draughts but as we get more rooms insulated this should be corrected "
Mrs R Moir
"I cant believe the difference its made. I have already turned off one radiator in the passage "
Helen Jamieson
"We turned the heating down when the work was completed, and have never had to turn it to maximum again "
A D Manson
"Thank you for a very prompt, clean and top-notch job. It has made a big difference already! "
S Bairnson
"We are delighted to say that your draughtproofing certainly withstood the test of severe gales over the last few days. We appreciate the quality of the workmanship and the tidy way they left our house"
J N Pedley
"Thank you.....my little house is much warmer and efficient with that one little tweak!"
S Jacobs
"Very pleased with the work done. I can already detect a difference in the house "
Eric Duncan
"We were very pleased with the workmanship and the care your workers took to leave the site clean and tidy"
George Black
"I phoned a couple of weeks ago. Within a couple of days bot only was the front door fixed and sealed but the side lofts, windows and internal doors and the entire roof had all been insulated and draughtproofed. Everyone involved were very efficient, there was no mess left and nothing was too much bother. I am absolutely delighted. There is a huge difference in the temperature"
Charis Butler
"Boys who did the job were very nice, pleasant and hard working. Would recommend your staff to everybody "
Christine McCran