Underfloor Insulation

When living in cold or warm climates, the key to comfort is insulation. Not only does it prevent heat from escaping but it also acts as a barrier against moisture. Moisture seeping in, together with draughts, will push warm air up towards the ceiling, causing condensation, which in turn leads to the growth of mould.

For the colder months here in Shetland, underfloor insulation is especially important in keeping feet warm and keeping your home free from chills. In summer months it helps to keep the building cool and free of moisture, generally providing an even internal living temperature all year round.

About Our Underfloor Insulation

We use Araflex 2L2 for underfloor insulation. It is a foil type of insulation, which works by reflecting any heat which escapes through the floor back into the house, also acting as a barrier against cold entering from the outside. It is an effective insulator and generally an economical choice for underfloor insulation.