Loft Insulation

Warmcel Insulation

Warmcel Cellulose Fibre is manufactured from 100% recycled waste newspaper. It has no added Formaldehyde, CFCs or VOCs. It is safe to use and is treated to provide protection against fire. Warmcel offers superior insulation with all that is best in environmental care.


Warmcel is a versatile 3-in-1 system for building insulation, installed by an electric blowing machine.

Open Blow

Warmcel is blown pneumatically onto horizontal surfaces such as lofts using a stabilisation system that lightly knots together the fibres to protect against disturbance by wind and to minimise settlement over time.


Warmcel is injected into a closed cavity under pressure to completely fill the void. This is the ideal technique for sloping ceilings.


Warmcel can be sprayed in between studding in a timber-frame wall. Once sprayed it is screened level with the studs to become a lightly-glued mass giving complete fill to the void - even around pipes, wiring and other obstructions.

If you would like us to survey your building for loft insulation please do not hesitate to contact us. Our surveys are free and we will discuss any grants with you that are available.